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27 February 2011 @ 10:15 pm
I'm so obsessed with Eternal Instrumental version it's not funny anymore, it's been on repeat since yesterday morning .. Time like this makes me  regret quitting piano back in junior high ....  I mean i started learning again, but it's a long process for someone who barely has time for any hobbies anymore ..
On a better note, CD Japan sent my Eternal CD .. yayay .. i dont know what I'll be expecting thou .. i mean i saw the  PV, and to be honest, my only reaction was, actually i dont even know what was my reaction, i didnt even pay attention to it, that's how boring the PV was to me, my ears still perked out for the song, but my eyes were switching back and forth between windows .. people keep saying how creative Jin is to create something as full of nothingness awesome this PV, but really, from my non-existent artistic mind, It's just plain... couldnt even hold my attention for more than 30 second .. I mean, the song was supposed the be a song about happiness right, he said he wrote it for a friend's wedding, and then go and contradict himself with the PV that scream "LONELINESS" so loud it deafen my ears/eyes ... I mean i love Jin and all, his talent is undeniable, but ...


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AKAME totally not intended .. beside that's pink
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22 February 2011 @ 06:55 pm
i want to go to the beach too .. it's been so long

really, there must be a reason why i have this journal, well to stalk my boys of course, but that's beside the point ..
I used to write a lot, well written journal too .. i guess i grew old and emotionless...oh well


so internship in Europe is out of question, because i can't speak German .... there goes my awesome paid summer in Europe ..
the only other choice is Australia, but it's unpaid, and i have to pay for my own expenses while interning there .. sucks .. at least if i do get the internship there, It's winter in June .. escaping the heat sounds just as tempting ..
or maybe i should just go marry some American guys .. then beside having beautiful half children, i can get a job anywhere ..

my life just gets worse as days go by .. 4 exams in 3 days .. i feel like i'm in Vietnamese Middle school all over again, except that i'm not as devoted as i used to be way back then .. i'm going to die .. i'm going to die ..

on a better note .. going to California .!!!!

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15 August 2010 @ 01:22 am

the project that lasted 2 months .. my KAT-TUN laptop finally comes to live ..

I devoted 2 precious days of my summer break to finish the laptop. I think I'm gonna retire from this deco business. My shoulders aint doing well with all this hours-of-diligently-gluing every single piece of crystal ..

I've done many deco things by now, i should open a store and start selling. Ipod, camera, mirror, cellphone, calculator, pencil .. almost did the sunglasses case too, good think my sanity came back in check...

onto fandom, again, still curse myself stupid that i cant go to any of KAT-TUN lives in Korea or Taiwan .. One of my classmate comes back to Taiwan this August, and he doesnt even know who KAT-TUN are ... so not fair .. wish we could switch place for just 2 days ..

still dont like Kouki's mature hair style much .. really, he's only 24, why the need to prove maturity. He looks manly enough with bald/spiky hair. I miss Kouki's the gangster ..

watched the Hiroshima live fancam .. It was awesome, and the fact that the fancam was so very Kame-centric only made it all the more EPIC .. who ever had recorded this fancam is purely loved, by me, and thousands other Kame/KAT-TUN fan who unfortunately havent had a chance to see them live yet ..

Jin Jin .. it's mid-August, still no info update regarding his tour dates yet .. I guess when he said 'in September and October' what he meant was 'the end of Sept and Oct' .. because there is no way I or lots of other fans who are still in school or out in the work field could have enough time to arrange an expensive trip in 2 weeks .. Looking on the brighter sides, I have more time to save up money, I want to go in abundance instead of deficiency.
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20 July 2010 @ 02:17 pm
The World Big Tour has started for a few days already  ... I want to go so so so badly .. reading the report just make my never-dying desire burn up again .. I need more reports .. If I could be in Japan right now, I would go to every single shows ... when will I be able to see KAT-TUN's live ... Johnny, bring them to the US too please !!!!!

on a side note, i bought the cell phone strap from the concert, 50 bucks for cell phone strap was the most i have ever spent for a freaking phone strap .. but this is not just a strap, it's a FREAKING KAT-TUN cell phone strap, totally worth it ... see what i only do for you KAT-TUN

and they need to announce Jin's tour dates soon, people have things in live that need some planning in order to go, especially when the tour is held during school term for crying out loud ..  I wonder how many class do I have to skip ... I just cant wait to have a different kind of fun again .. fangirling pull strangers together ... it's just awesome how many great strangers i've met and befriended with ..

I just hope the 6 of them no matter what happens would still be strong, individually or as a group. their true fans would not turn their back to them ..

this is irrelevant to my rant .. but I came across it and cant resist ..
I'm already long gone from my Yamapi phase, but this is just to cute, Yamapi AND the Little Boy ..
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16 July 2010 @ 02:54 pm
Life has been plain since after Jin's L.A. Concert .. as expected .. 
thou, i at least make some efforts socializing ..only to realize, my English speaking skill is declining down hills, i wasted all the effort learning English my entire youth in a year of antisocial depression. the good thing is, I had that epiphany. 

KAT-TUN's WBT is starting again .. I want to go so badly ... somehow i always stuck with one dilemma or another in critical time like this .. being an international student in the US is such a hassle ..


"Why do people date someone when they dont even know if they have feeling for the other party?"

wonder how many time have I been asking myself that question. I dont understand myself. It's going to be the 4th aniversary soon, since I start dating my first boyfriend.

went out with him to avoid boredom, started to like him a year later, then maybe a bit deeper than LIKE . The feeling reclined back to just like, and now i have no idea what i feel for him. More like, I feel nothing toward him.
I dont miss him when we only see each other twice or thrice a month. Calling him on the phone becomes a Task, and saying "I Love You" just bugged me.
why do I keep moving on like this? I dont know.
When I tried to break up once, he came to my place at 2 in the morning, that was the first time i saw him cried. his house was 2hrs away.  I couldnt bear the responsibility if something happened to him.

I gave him the surprise birthday party this year, just to be nice for the last time. I was going to come clean.
it's been 3 months since the party, and yet i still cant bring myself to do it. I wonder what's holding me back, him treating me so nice, or me being or selfish coward. ..
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07 June 2010 @ 01:06 am
YAY I'm officially 23 yesterday. wonder if i should do that new age resolution thing, but then i would probably forget all about it soon enough.

I dreamed of Jin and Koki and that Nakai something from SMAP i cant remember his name. apparently, Jin was my dying boyfriend who was shot and vomitting blood, Koki was standing on guard next to me. Jin was whispering his final words when suddenly Mr. SMAP's Nakai dropped in the picture and started a shooting battle. and then there were smoke and loud gun shot and Koki and Jin's running around the scene and.....i woke up.
really, trust me to have all the most violent dream ever, i wonder if i have a latent violent tendency or something. of all the dreams i can remember, more than half of them would involve actions of some sort. i wish if i get to dream of Kame next time, it would be something nice and romantic. *a crazy fangirl* *rolling eyes at myself*

Been putting Kame's solo "SWEET" on repeat since 2 days ago. Somehow i keep having the picture of a couple going picnic by the lake, green grass, light breeze, cool sunlight. this song embedded that romantic scene in my head and i can't get rid of it . read the translation just now, and maybe i do have that woman-6th-sense thing, Kame also sings about a couple going on a sweet romantic date ..

and yes ...i already did this but i'm doing it again anyway... contemplating on getting a Twitter account just so i can spread this around too.
DON'T U EVER STOP .. keep spreading the love (borrow this line without asking from spread_da_love )

Nakamaru is the BEST

Nakamaru là NHẤT


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06 June 2010 @ 01:02 pm
中丸 最高!

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23 May 2010 @ 10:12 pm

Okay I cheated, It's still the 23rd here.
But oh well, I just want to stare at him a bit longer before dragging my lazy head back to study...
Wonder if my laziness is an incurable disease. .. and somehow I cant spell "procrastination" ... arrgggg
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07 May 2010 @ 06:18 pm
I miss Koki's kakkoi hippie rapper style.

Koki looked plain in this week MS. His destroyed jean was still nice, and that's about it. The color-matching jacket just made him fade into the background, the background was dark for crying out loud, he could even pop out wearing a light color. 

Koki's hair, *sigh* Koki's hair. I thought Koki said he changes his hair style every week, he's been keeping this for so long I couldnt remember, and the hair style is turning him into an old man. please cut your hair. I kinda miss Koki's bald head.

Nakamaru, ah ... Yuichi-san was looking good, I find myself zoning to him more than I do to Kame, which is way too strange. I blame the red scarf.

Ueda still keeps up with his butterfly phase, kawaii.. his smile was so genuine, i cant help but grins like an idiot. .

Kame, for once i dont have much to say. Still kakkoi as usual, never fail to make me drool, but i was a bit occupied by Yuichi-san i neglected my Kame.  Well since it Yuichi-san and not some other guys from other bands, I forgive myself.

and Taguchi is back with dark hair. his hair was a little too bleachy, but he still look cool with short hair.

and of course I love Fall Down, rocking KAT-TUN is love. See, KAT-TUN doesnt need autotune to ruin their voice, they sounded great. I need to get use to Going, but I love the D-Motion and Love Yourself. So I guess It just a matter of time before Going is put on repeat as well.
thou I dont see the necessity of having Kiss My Ft there.
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03 May 2010 @ 08:03 pm
She likes coffee.
Not the straight up black that She sees people drink, cool or not, She thinks they too bitter for life. She likes the mix versions of coffee, the types you get in Starbucks or other Americanize brands.

She remembers nipping off her Dad's coffee when She was little.
Mom makes coffee for Dad every morning. It's always the black coffee with condensed milk taking up 1/3 of the glass.
Time when She was up early enough there were time to spare before school, She would ask if She can have some of Dad's coffee.Dad would tell her to go get an extra cup. Mom would give her a tiny cup and She would fill it up with ice.Dad would say "coffee isn't good for kid" while pouring half of his morning coffee into her cup.

Nowadays, She asks for coffee, and she gets her own full glass with ice.


She comes back home every summer break. Her friends take her to all sorts of coffee shops.

The cutesy themed coffee shops that are fulled of teenagersl trying to make a fashion statement though their different clothing. She doesn't know what to think of that middle school kid covered in layers of clothes in the humid summer heat.
She has a hard time figuring out what her friends are saying. The incoherent noises are all she can hear so well.
She always orders fruit smoothies that costs more than a meal.

The plainly designed coffee shops that are empty most of the time except for occasional businessmen clad in suits escaping their barely overload schedule. She doesn't know why her friends like the place. Her friends wear suits most of time they're there.
They hush through their conversations. Sometime they sit in awkward silence
She always orders fruit smoothies that cost more than a meal.
The expensively looking coffee shops in the  priciest land of the city center are almost always filled with rich looking youngsters. Nicely dress up with too heavy make up for their age, they busy themselves indulging over their laptops. She sees them surfing through forums that she's probably too old to join. She hears comments of someone pictures and occasional foreign speaking conversations from tourists.
She still always orders fruit smoothies that probably cost more than somebody 1 day wages.

One of her friend takes her to the sidewalk coffee. She doesn't call it a coffee shop because She thinks it isn't. She lays the newspaper the coffee seller tosses to her down to the concrete ground and sits on it. Coniferous trees cover their heads.
She catches leaves falling down on her. She sees a Korean family sitting across the grass from her. She sees an old artist drawing charcoal portraits. She hears college students talking about their school projects. She sometime buys snack from the people walking around holding basket of fruits or cheap cakes.
She orders the milk coffee like the one she used to share with her dad. It costs less than the price of a Coke, and she gets the bonus of interesting people watching.
The coffee tastes different from her Dad's. The feeling is different from the other coffee shops.


Back in America, the only thing she gets is Starbucks, where she spends many of her free evening sitting at one of the large table outside the shop and writing things that don't make sense like this.
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30 April 2010 @ 06:38 pm
my 2 nieces
I had my last final yesterday morning at the dark hour of 7.30am. Dead tired as I was, I couldnt fall asleep until 2AM.
SO i went 21 hours with only 3 hrs to sleep the day before and about 4hrs the day before that. I probably slept 10 hours top the whole week.
This remind me of Kame and the comment the host of that Osharism show made about him. - Only us and Giraffe sleep like that ..

Daddy called at 8 this morning. I was still catching up with my beauty sleep. I was surprised I heard the phone rang in the first place.
So yeah, talked to dad, mom, my sister and her daughter. It's been awhile.

Dad's health isnt as good. He's been sick lately, hurts in random places, headache, then a cold, then toothache. I suddenly realize that he is really 65 and not 55 like I always thought. I kept asking him if he's feeling better, he kept avoiding the subject. I think either he wanted to keep his Iron Man Image, or he didnt want me to worry.

Mom is still as usual, asking if I eat decently, if I have enough money. She's always at the back nagging me about my money-spending habit, but really, it's her fault I'm such a spoil brat.
as usual, she told me not to worry about money and just concentrate on school. I felt bad for all the time I was slacking. My mother is 63 and still working every day from 9 to 7. I wish I was smarter, to get all that crazy full scholarship for international student.

Dispite my mom was just telling me not to waste anymore money trying to fill up my already overflow closet, my sister sat there asking if I got any new stuffs. Being a married woman and mother of a 2 years old child, she's an awfully youngster sometime. She still thinks she in her early twenties. I am sometime glad that my feet are 2 sizes bigger than hers. I probably cry if I have to give my babies to her too. What a selfish spoil brat I am!! but then again, I already share half the stuff in my closet with her.

My niece .. what a cutie, last time a saw her, she was only able of incoherent word. And now, almost a year later, she's talking. Though most of the time, she was like a parrot, babbling what her grandma and mom told her to say. She did answer my question thou. This was how it went:
Me: are you going to school?
Niece: NO!! - answer in a very excitedly proud way.
Niece: I'm stayin' with daddy's daddy.
My sister: Don't lie to your aunt, you're going to bible pre-school.
Niece: wheere auntie?
My sister: There!
Niece: dat's de phone. Auntie inside the phone!!!


What I got for being an adult. I learned to treasure the right things. I'm catching up with my best friends, trying to fill the gap I created slacking/ignoring them all this time. I'm glad my friends still love me.
I'm becoming closer to my family. I learn to talk to them. I used to act like a lonely introverted only child. Now I talk to dad about car, discussing fashion and boys with sisters, and everything in between with mom. I'm glad I grow up.

When I was younger, I used to think that I'm not a family person. I still remember all the meme I wrote for my friend, the answer to "rate your relationship to money" would always be
"Friends > Family > Money > Love"
If I were to answer this question again now, the answer would be this:
"Family > Friends > Money > Love"

My boyfriend said, my husband would probably be the most unfortunate man in the world. I should have felt offended but I didnt. What he said wasnt wrong. What with me being fussy about every little thing and all things come before love. But I still want to get married and have kids, lots of them. I guess I just have to find a really generous and enduring man.
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23 April 2010 @ 02:10 am
I miss my best friend.

I couldnt remember when was the last time I saw him. It wasnt a very pleasant meeting, I think I kind of block it from my memory bank.

I've known him for almost 11 years. Of those 11 years, it took us 1 year to become friend then best friend. of the 10 years left, he spent 7 years being in love with me. Of the last 3 years, I think he spent 2 years ignoring me, getting over his unrequited love.

We're back to "good" friend term, only sometime I didnt see my best friend in him anymore. I dont normally miss him. But when I do, I miss him terribly, like this moment.
I miss the way he talked to me so bluntly, like he didnt care if words could hurt, bc he knew, I wouldnt feel hurt, if the words were coming from him.
I miss how he doted on me so much I got annoy and snapped at him. He was never mad at me, no matter how bitchy my attitude was.
I miss how he never refused any of my requests, no matter how absurd they were.
I miss those too long phone calls with me ended up falling asleep on him every time. We talked about random things, things that didnt make sense, things that happened in the past, things that we wanted to happen in the future.

I went to see him a few summers back, 2 or 3 years ago i think. It was a good time. I'm always comfortable being with my real friends, even if I havent seen them for years. I let loose of my pretentious self when I'm with them. But that time was good, yet horrible. I finally came clean and tried to rid him off his feeling for me. I ran away from him right after, on the day he took me to the airport, I literally ran into the security check point. There wasnt even a goodbye hug. I knew that was harsh, but it's better being cold to him.

We didnt talk much afterward. We still dont talk much now. I think he finally moves on. I'm glad he has moves on from his feeling, but I'm afraid that he might have moved on from being my best friend too. He still does thing the world most best friend would do. He just doesnt talk to me the way My BEST friend used to talk to me. Maybe I deserve this, for not being the best friend I SHOULD have been.

I think I want to see him. I think I should make a trip up there to see him, to patch up the friendship we used to share.

I miss my best friend.
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20 April 2010 @ 08:15 pm
Uni schedule for science major sucks.
If critical track classes are only offered in Spring and Fall, then at least give us a flexible schedule for technical electives in the SUmmer!!! ..

I swear I almost hit the computer one too many times today. There arent that much engineering elective classes available in the summer, of the very few available, they all have time conflict with one another.
Look like I can only take Analytical Chem for the major in the summer. With that much free time, I add Japanese 1, just for the sake of being able to understand Kame a bit better.

But then come the Fall schedule. I have to take the Trio classes. They say the trio are hard and time consuming. So organic Chem is off the list for Fall term. the trio only make up 9 credits total, I need 12. Intro to industrial engineering only have 2 credits, so that's 11, still 1 short. I'm thinking if I should take Japanese 2, but then that will make my whole term come to 16 credits total. My mom would have a heart attack looking at the tuition statement.
I just want to take something easy along with the Trio. Japanese shouldnt be hard. but I need to take some electives, or I wont meet the undergraduate requirement to graduate on time.

oh and i think my boyfriend is being a pain again. He hasnt called me for 3 days, and I didnt called him either.So when we come around to talk again, it would be my fault that we didnt talk all that time.
I can already hear his infamous line of accusation " If I dont call you, cant you call me instead?"
Somehow he feels there's the need to make me feel guilty every once in a while for not being the best girlfriend you could ever have.
Last time he didnt call and I didnt call him back, he went emo all over facebook, my friends and his started to ask me "what did you do this time", and I was like "WTH"

I'm sorry I dont like cooking.
I'm sorry I'm not that attentive.
I'm sorry I'm so selfish.
I'm sorry for not having you in my mind 24/7,365.
I'm sorry I'm go at my pace too much.

I wonder if there's any good coming out of being together

too much dilemma.
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18 April 2010 @ 06:28 pm
So tickets are settled. Thou I'm not very happy with my Sunday night seat, but I guess it's okay too.

I'm visiting Grandma right after Jin's Live. Haven't seen her for so long, 5 years i think. Shame on me. Even though she isn't my biological grandma, I did spend a lot of my childhood time with her. She shaped the way I eat literally. My mom still complains that I eat like an old woman. Oh well, It's her fault she sent me to grandma almost every summers back then.

But how do I get from LA to Santa Anna? ..
Somehow, flights are cheaper to Santa Anna than to LA, how odd. Normally airplane tickets are always more expensive going to a small airport, arent they? .. Maybe I should fly to Santa Anna, rent a car, drive to LA, then I can drive back to Santa Anna, return the car, and come to grandma. But then squishy_fairy and me were supposed to fly to LA together since she leaving from Orlando too .. man, this is too complicated ...

I'm still on high after getting my hand on Jin tickets. Finals are on the way. Need to concentrate!!Need to concentrate!!Need to concentrate!!Need to concentrate!!
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15 April 2010 @ 04:27 pm
I'll be on 2F VIP2 row AA, i dont remember what seat, on Saturday.
and Sunday night, 1F A 203 row N.

so now that pretty much everyone got their tickets *satisfy or not* ..
Should we discuss more into what we gonna do beside going to the concerts?

I'm staying in LA for 3 day from 18 and leave on Monday 21. I'm going by myself.

As Hotel is concerned.
I like the Wilshire Grand . The price for a double bed room is 145/night.

Lux City Center (formerly known as Holiday Inn) is a bit pricier. their double-bed room is 160/night.
put in info on dates and such and they show you their prices for different rooms.

Transportation wise, I'm thinking about renting a car. I dont like the idea of taking the taxi everywhere, i have really bad impression with taxi driver, *watch too much suspend, criminal drama*. I rather drive myself around places. It's been long since my last time to LA, so I want to do some sight-seeing again. Renting a car would probably be easier.

I'm flying from Orlando, Florida. I have my facebook link in my journal.
If anyone interested in joining me, please do add me. I promised I'm very normal and real.
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14 April 2010 @ 10:07 pm
I'm excited, very excited, overly excited.
I've been feeling good lately. I think I finally got over my late-puberty-emo state. I'm glad I got over it, nothing worse than drowning myself in depression.

so I came early to Transport Phenomena class and talk to Jen.
The moment I told her that I'm going to a concert in LA,
she was like "wait, whose concert?"
"Akanishi ..."
"Jin? he's coming here? You're KAT-TUN 's fan too?

we started yelping and high-five-ing, we would probably jump up and down if it wasnt for the professor. Karen was sitting between us and she just went "you guys are crazy", nonchalantly.

I stil cant believe this. There is another KAT-TUN's girl in my class, of the same graduating year under the same major, whom I've been sitting next to this whole semester, without knowing it. I cant wait to start fangirling with her, and apparently there's a Japan Club in the university that Jen said I need to join.

KAT-TUN calendar finally arrived, took them long enough. Apparently, the package was lost during shipping the first time, so I called in to complain, and a week later, I got my calendar. yay ..
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I go home every summer, all the way home to VietNam, where I could then travel to practically every Asian country I want to, meaning Japan, Taiwan,Korea, Thailand. But no, I decided to be a role model student, I take on summer courses. So now I cant go see any of KAT-TUN concert, damn myself!!! I WANT to SEE my KAME (well everyone Kame, but this is my journal so..). And Nakamaru has been super cute lately that I'm having the urge to see him too, and Koki, and Ueda, and Taguchi.
It's hard to get JE tickets in Japan, if i were to go home this summer, I could have gone to all of there concerts in Taiwan, Korea and Thailand (well maybe not Thailand, mom wouldnt let me go there). But I'm stuck here. A 3-week summer break in August is too short for me to come back, go to the concerts and do all the paperwork for another US visa, I hate being an international student, too much paper, too much rules.

on the brighter note,
Jin's concert in LA is right at the beginning of my 1 week summer break in June, and I already plan to visit my grandma in Orange County, CA that week, how convenient. SO I guess Jin's concert will do too. I wonder which seat I should get thou, seat S on 1st and 2nd floor are all 150, but which one have better view? Has anyone been to Club Nokia? ..

Well, all that left to wish for is KAT-TUN having their concerts in Hawaii, then my life would be complete. As long as it remains in the 50 states of America, I fly to them, even if I'll go extremely broke after that.

I've read somewhere that there's a community for Jin's LA concert, but i forgot what it was, could anyone send me the link to the community please.
05 March 2010 @ 02:13 pm

Did anyone notice that Koki's brown is thicker now? .. he looks good... a little too skinny lately but still cool .. eat more KOKI

School is a mess.
I have become a mess because of school.
I should have stick to International business, graduated by now, go home, take over the company, be the rich boss and have a happy ending.
But NO, I decided that I was too smart for international business so i went to Chemical Engineering. Now I'm stuck in school, wont graduate until spring 2012, that is if I'm able to graduate, Then might not be able to get a job if I cant keep my GPA above 3.5, and all dreams shatter.
I felt stupid.


on the brighter note, my KAT-TUN 2010 calendar is on its way. cant wait. I downloaded the scan thou, just so I have the boys on my desktop background. I love Window 7, I could put all of my fav KAT-TUN pictures on a slide show as a desktop background. what can be better than that? ...
Koki's caps are awesome, I wish they have them on sale. Maybe I should steal the idea and make one myself.


and I got Jin for my birthday. the picture looks dark thou. does that mean my birthday this year would be bad too, like most of my other birthday spent in America?   haizzz ...
well I would prefer a group shot or Kame solo. but Jin works just fine, now that I'm drawn to Jin too, and Jin/Miroku's version of Love Namida Iro just cracks me up big time. rewatching Yukan club only makes me fall harder for Jin, Jin's Miroku was plain adorable and hilarious.. haizzz .. Just KAME and KAT-TUN as a whole are enough to take up most of my free time, now with Jin in the picture tooo? .. I dont think I have time to sleep.
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23 February 2010 @ 12:00 am

I post this exactly at 00.00 am on the 23rd of February ...
It must be good to have 2^n people remember and wish you Happy Birthday ne? ..
Well, I'm adding one more drop of love into the never ending ocean of love from your fan,
wishing you the best birthday, and other best year yet.
Please stay as you are, the Kamenashi Kazuya that we fan all love and adore.
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29 January 2010 @ 06:33 pm

Thanks uinps6756 @youtube for the HQ video stream

I mean, I'm sure every single KAT-TUN fans out there has alnnnready watch their performance on MS but still .. I just have to write this. This is KAT-TUN's best performance yet. I'm totally in love with it ...I'm completely obsessed with it.

Listening to this song and loving it is onething, watching KAT-TUN perform the song is another the thing, WAY Beyond perfect. I love every part of it.

I love the intricate dance moves, especially that part when Kame takes his shade off and everyone do those moves around him. I think Junno looks really good. Thou I saw a lot of people saying they dont like Junno's short hair, I think It compliments him well. He looks much younger and with his height ==> absolutely manly. Koki hair is different too, and I like it. I usually don't like Koki's long, curly hair, but this side-braided hair style look really cool. And Kame with his bun in the back of his head, KAWAII .. Well, Jin still looks cool (or "cold" and apparently I'm loving it)

and .. OH MY GOD ...... JINNNN!!!! .. I love JIn's part in this song ..
"Feel the beat I busted that burning up ur body bxxxx"
" あるからいんじゃない?”
"Shake it! Drink it! PUMP IT!!!"

I might fall for Jin after this ..


Don't you just love days like these. Every morning I wake up, there're updates fill with KAT-TUN. I finally found my motivation to get up and get going.

I've been putting Love Yourself and the D-Motion on repeat since 8o'clock this morning, only those 2 songs ... can't have enough of them. I think I'm gonna go to sleep in them too ..

okay .. enough of the babbling .. I'll try to calm myself down. I'mma go stare at them somemore .. well that's not a good way to calm myself, but what the heck. If I go wild then let it be wild.

P.S.: dying here ..
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28 January 2010 @ 11:46 pm
I wonder If that really was the last thing I could do ..


I finally got a Kame's Layout, I'm supper excited. I've been staring at my journal since then. Thank to Kamepi_chan
Thou I think I should stop reading Akame fics. I've read too much of them and the idea that maybe the boys arent straight is freaking me out. No, they have to be straight, I cant marry them otherwise .. (^______&)

I watched Hanamaru with Jin appearance today. Never thought I would say this, but I think I'm falling for Jin too. I used to think of Jin as being a bit intimidating. But the Jin in Hanamaru was quite adorable. Man, This is way more than my little heart could handle. I'm sure I could have a cardiac arrest sometime real soon.

Well this is the first .. Jin in his teen sure is cute
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27 January 2010 @ 10:20 pm
I wonder when will KAT-TUN have their live concert abroad ...

I mean, isnt it the greatest thing that could happen to international fans? There's an awful lot number of KAT-TUN fans oversea. KAT-TUN should do things like the Asia tour, the American tour *preferably, since I live there* ... Maybe the international fans should write messages to Johnny Ent ask them to let KAT-TUN hold concert abroad. I mean, SS501 already had their lives in L.A., and I'm sure KAT-TUN has just about as much fans as SS501 do, if not more. The Korean artists have their tours oversea all the time, why not the Japanese, namely KAT-TUN? ..
I swear if KAT-TUN were to hold concert in the US, no matter where, I'll be there, even if it's Alaska they hold the concert *thou this would be a zero possibility*.
I've never been this much into any idols before. The Boys over Flower Fever was the longest, and it only lasted for 2 months. ha, I've been a KAT-TUN/Kame's girl for 4 months already. This is like a sand to the ocean compare to other KAT-TUN's fans, but still, it's a major outbreak for me. I should go celebrate.

I'm sleepy, yet again, at 10pm. Wow, 3 days in a row? .. What's gotten into me? I like the change thou, hoping in vain that as I go to sleep early, the bags under my eye would soon be gone too.

and .............. PRETTY KAME ...

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26 January 2010 @ 02:14 pm
I'm in class and just have to post this ..
I'm listening to this song while attending to the Professor's lecture ..
I did marathon the whole Cartoon KAT-TUN series from ep 1 through 60 something ..
nice, didnt sleep at all ..
I love this collaboration, the dance move in Koi ni ochitara is so subtle that I love it so much ..

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